GITAM School of Law

Visakhapatnam campus

Centre for Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights (CIIPR)

CIIPR has been founded in the year 2019 with an aim to evolve into a flagship institution of Intellectual Property Rights studies. The main goal of the centre is to become a source of information and expertise on IP related subject to all the stakeholders including inventors, research institutions, universities, various innovative industries as well as intellectual property practitioners, policymakers and regulators.

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, the Centre would be working as a coordinator as well as a facilitator focusing on enriching the legal insight of innovators. In achieving this, the centre would be a host not only to legal contributors to intellectual property domain but also would promote involvement of experts from every emerging field of technology thus creating a very significant interface between the creator community and the legal populace. Following are the mail objective of the centre:


  • To disseminate the importance of Intellectual Property Laws in today‚Äôs technology driven Society among all the stakeholders through various training programmes and outreach activities.
  • To provide forum for discussion in the field of Intellectual Property Laws to students and academicians.
  • To undertake academic research in order to propose suggestions in existing IP laws and policies.
  • To collaborate with other Institutes and government bodies in organizing Certificate Course, Seminars and Conferences for the benefit of students and academicians.
  • To disseminate our suggestions and findings through publications.
  • To provide assistance in terms of filing patents and other related IPRs and advice the stakeholders.

Proposed Activities at the Centre under MoU with National Research Development Corporation (NRDC):

  • Skill development workshops among all the institutions of GITAM
  • Awareness programmes for Industry and academia
  • Interactive workshops and seminars
  • IP filing facilitation